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Black coffee is a simple coffee. Unfortunately not everyone is able to enjoy this special simple.

Before the coffee industry expanded into the Third Wave Era, coffee connoisseurs turned themselves in to the pleasures of simple brewed black coffee. From time to time, black coffee has become a hereditary drink that is firmly inherent in our culture. Now with the world of manual brew, black coffee is no longer brewed simply pouring boiling hot water into the coffee powder in a cup. Black coffee is now a special ritual. Not only in taste, but also the brewing process.’

Even so, many of us still can’t afford to enjoy black coffee without the frills of sugar, milk and cream. Whereas it is known that black coffee is the healthiest, natural, classic and simplest coffee. Black coffee is purist coffee. Only the original and original pleasures become the full force of the beloved tongue. This article is dedicated to those who are still afraid or have never enjoyed black coffee. Because basically black coffee doesn’t have to be thick black and bitter is amazing. Black coffee means coffee without ‘tainted’ other substances in one sip.

For those of you who want to try black coffee, here are four simple ways to start enjoying this delicious “black”.

Try Light to Medium Roast Beans

If you’ve ever sipped black coffee and been instantly traumatized by the taste, maybe you need to try the light to medium roasted coffee. The taste of the coffee is too bitter and the color is too black because the coffee beans from the coffee are roasted too dark to cause the taste is really bitter outrageous.

There is no characteristic taste of coffee that you can enjoy if the beans roasted too dark have been tampered with. Try to enjoy the coffee that the coffee beans are roasted light to medium. In coffee shop specialty you can find various seeds with different roasting levels. Ask the Barista coffee beans what they recommend. Good roasted single origin will provide an awesome variety of flavors. You can find sweetness, fruity, flower, acidity and other kinds of coffee that you sip. It could be that in that black coffee you don’t find any bitter taste at all.

Don’t Drink Coffee Too Hot

Coffee gives a better taste to be enjoyed when the temperature drops. If you enjoy coffee when the temperature is still too high (hot), then the taste will not be in accordance with expectations. You should wait 3 – 4 minutes after the coffee is brewed or served and then enjoyed slowly. The best temperature to enjoy coffee according to professional coffee is 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, black coffee should not be brewed with water that is more than 88 degrees Celsius in temperature. Because the hotter the water used, the more bitter the taste will be because caffeine melts faster through high temperatures.

Drink in Small Doses

If you’ve been enjoying coffee with sugar or coffee with milk with a large cup, then you can’t do the same in enjoying black coffee. Black coffee for beginners should be enjoyed with a small cup because you are not familiar with the taste. After all, black coffee is not meant to let go of thirst. So you don’t need a jumbo cup to enjoy it, do you?

Try As Many Coffees as Possible from Various Varieties

You won’t know what kind of coffee you like if you don’t try the various varieties of coffee. Try different coffee beans in different brewing ways. Black coffee will be very rich in flavor if you are able to enjoy it from various types of beans and various roasters. One coffee bean can be different after taste and characteristics. Try as much as you can and discover what coffee is your favorite.

Thank you for reading the four steps of enjoying black coffee for beginners. Poll: What is your favorite chocolate?



Blessed is the coffee that with all its goodness benefits us all.

The International Women’s Day that fell on March 8 inspired me to write why women should drink coffee. So far coffee has been considered a men’s drink, whereas obviously coffee is not gendered and the benefits of coffee are good for anyone. For women there are many benefits of coffee that are good for health. So if you’re still in doubt about coffee, here are four reasons why women should drink coffee. Happy reading.

Increase Concentration

Coffee is highly recommended to be drunk by working women or those who need full concentration in doing daily activities. That’s why a lot of people eat coffee shortly before starting work. In addition to energizing and pumping spirit, coffee is believed to give its drinkers more focus on doing things. That’s why coffee is considered one of those service drinks that without it might get the job done will never be as easy as it used to be.

Reducing Depression

As it is known that women are most susceptible to depression caused by various causes. Research has shown that women who drink coffee are at ten times lower risk of depression than women who don’t consume coffee. Coffee in which caffeine is found is already known to have anti-oxidant substances that can give a relaxing effect if consumed properly and correctly. Therefore, women who work or who are already in the household should eat healthy coffee so as not to be prone to depression.

Burning Calories

For women who are undergoing diet and weight loss programs, coffee is one thing you can’t miss. Based on a study in the United States, caffeine is shown to increase the body’s metabolism by 3 – 11%. Caffeine also helps burn calories and fat that the body doesn’t need 10% faster. Even if you’re not too fat, caffeine can help burn calories up to 29% faster. Well, if you are on a diet, it is recommended to eat healthy coffee.

Making Skin Healthier

In addition to coffee powder can be used as a scrub and other beauty methods, consuming coffee 2 – 3 cups per day is proven to brighten the skin and maintain its youthfulness. Studies prove there are substances in coffee that help keep human skin from premature aging. Eating healthy coffee is believed to make aging slower than those who do not consume. Also coffee is shown to make it happier because caffeine contains antioxidants that are good for the body.

By the way, what are the benefits of coffee for you guys?

Welcome to Coffeetable

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Come to coffeetable and enjoy a truly outstanding and unique dining experience.

Coffeetable award winning menu consists of a unique combination of the freshest Latin and local ingredients prepared using nontraditional cooking techniques with spectacular presentations.

Our menu includes a variety of seafood, steak and vegetarian dishes. Try our signature dish: amber-seared jumbo sea scallops over light coconut rice with sweet plantains and a mango-mojo, or try our grilled filet mignon, or lobster and shrimp paella with any of our extensive selection of South American and California wines.

For dessert taste our irresistible Ponque: a chocolate cake topped with toasted coconut ice cream and banana Myers rum salsa or Tres Leches: a Cuban coffee-laced vanilla cake with three creams, topped with Kahlua whipped cream and chocolate Amaretto sauce, with Latorre’s specially blended coffee of Colombian, Brazilian and Costa Rican coffee beans.

After dinner, dance to the hottest Latin music or observe Charlotte’s best Salsa dancers.

Latorre’s also offers delicious tropical Martini’s and cocktails.

Stefan Latorre, a successful trial attorney, created Coffeetable. Mr. Latorre was born in Colombia, South America and grew up in Miami. He traveled extensively throughout Europe, Central and South America, where he developed a passion for inventive and creative food. Through out his travels, Mr. Latorre tried exotic dishes from many South American countries, and consequently, decided to bring these exotic flavors to Charlotte. After conducting an international search for the ideal executive chef, Mr. Latorre hired Jason Pound as executive chef, and the two, combined to create the award winning menu of Latorre’s Nuevo Latino Cuisine.

Coffeetable opened in November, 1999, in a three story historic building in the heart of downtown Charlotte, to exceptional reviews from all of Charlotte’s food critiques and numerous awards.

We are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. After dinner, on Fridays and Saturdays, Coffeetable transforms into the hottest Latin dance club in Charlotte, where the best Salsa dancers come to enjoy DJ’s and live music until 3:00 am. Coffeetable is available for catering and private parties. Each floor has its own bar and bathrooms making us an ideal place for private parties and special events.

We invite you to view our web page and come to our restaurant. We look forward to your visit.